During a time of shrinking budgets and growing service demands, Pat knows that regional cooperation between local governments is key to providing successful and efficient programs and services. By sharing resources through partnerships, necessary government services can continue to be both streamlined and cost effective, while still meeting the needs of local taxpayers.

Pat has worked hard to build lasting relationships and partnerships, and has been instrumental in introducing successful programs and initiatives for the benefit of all who live and work in Cochise County.


Helped establish the County Recycling Committee. Thanks to a partnership with the City of Sierra Vista, recycling is now a working reality in Cochise County.

Regional Solid Waste and Landfill

Cochise County has the most successful solid waste and landfill operations in the entire state, due to partnerships between six county cities.

Joint Planning

Pat has been actively involved in long-term, joint planning processes between the County and City of Sierra Vista on issues ranging from transportation to water. He works tirelessly to create a brighter future for everyone.

Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca remains critical to our economy and quality of life and securing its future cannot be overstated. In addition to forging relationships with the Post’s top military and civilian leadership, Pat is the County liaison to the Huachuca 50, a community organization whose goal is to support the Fort and its future development.

Business Friendly Task Force

Pat is responsible for creating the County’s Business Friendly Task Force and continues to serve as its liaison to the Board of Supervisors. As a 35-year former business owner, he believes the County should work to streamline business processes in order to encourage local economic development that will provide jobs for local people.

Fry Townsite

For more than a decade Pat has been instrumental in joint efforts to clean up and improve the Fry Townsite area in the west end of Sierra Vista. Pat helped to establish the Fry Task Force, whose goal was to address crime, dilapidated properties, and other citizen concerns, through a partnership between the County and City of Sierra Vista. Most recently the County and City have developed an aggressive plan to take ownership of run down properties that are delinquent on their property taxes, in an effort to continue the successful work of the Fry Task Force.